Mass Notification Management Platform

Meet vnotifi

Communicate with your audience quickly and easily via text, chatbot, voice or email all in one platform.


yet super simple to use

vnotifi is a cloud-based mass notification platform that uses various channels such as text, chatbot, voice, and email to communicate messages to key customers, patients, employees, stakeholders and more.

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Engage your audience

vnotifi's platform is designed to engage, alert, and inform your most critical resources, your people. You can design interactions, two-way communications and schedule the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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Industry Solutions

Engage and communicate instantly anywhere. See how vnotifi's enterprise messaging platform can serve your industry.


  • Employee notifications
  • Emergency alerts
  • Timely reminders
  • Up-to-date announcements
  • IT incident management

Financial Services

  • Online banking downtime
  • Security breaches
  • Financial notifications
  • Payment outages
  • Cyber threats and failover alerts


  • Disease outbreak alerts
  • Appointment and prescription reminders
  • Patient wellness checks
  • Medical staff alerts
  • Lock downs and public health issues


  • Alert according to clearance, role or location
  • Collaborate across departments
  • Government emergency communications
  • Events, weather & appointment alerts
  • Automate civilian notifications


  • Volunteer scheduling and management
  • Event planning
  • Emergency notifications
  • Donor news, updates and events
  • Community engagement


  • Deadline alerts
  • Weather and emergency alerts
  • Emergency situations
  • Student and staff communication
  • School activity reminders
Multi-channel mass notifications

Get the word out —
in more ways

vnotifi is a powerful cloud based, multi-channel notification platform - Chatbot, SMS, email, and voice.


Deliver SMS alerts, notifications, and reminders with custom messaging you easily create.


Get the word out. vnotifi's voice mass notification system that is capable of sending hundreds of voice and text messages instantly.


Quickly and easily create friendly chat experiences with vnotifi’s full-featured messaging infrastructure.


Deliver alerts, reminders, marketing messages with ease with vnotifi's notification platform.

See how it works

Simple, yet Magical

See how vnotifi's enterprise messaging platform can serve your industry.

Design your interaction

  • Type a script to be read to receiver
  • Design user action and response
  • Multi-tree decision tree

Easy mass notification alerts

Connect & Schedule

  • Use API to connect to your DATA, CRM...
  • Schedule when to make contact with consumer

Voice calls and more

  • Friendly professional voice calls, SMS, Chatbot, Email
  • Interact & Convert

Easy mass notification alerts
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